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Compostable Cups with cPLA Lids

Compostable coffee cups with Bagasse lidsd

Coffee cups

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Our LIDS are made from 100% Crystallized Poly Lactic Acid (CPLA), a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from corn starch. CPLA is made specially for high-temperature uses.

Our CUPS are made from 70% sugarcane bagasse and 30% wood pulp. The inner layer is coated with a plant-based PLA film that makes it heat-resistant, and leak-proof.

Our stirrers are made from 100% birch wood

Office Breakroom

Certified coffee eco cup

Bring Sustainability to Work!

Today, environmental impact and earth-consciousnesses are Key Business Differentiators that Consumers care deeply about.

Using BIOCUPS tells your Peers that your company cares about the environment.

Home and Daily Use

eco coffee cup by Living Balance

Make a Difference Everyday, Together!

On your morning commute or at your dinner table, BIOCUPS helps us be part of the solution by displacing the use of plastics. Start promoting awareness in your home, at your office, and in your community. Together, we make a positive impact!

Social Events

Eco cups for drinks

Strong, Presentable, and Reliable!

BIOCUPS are the perfect match for your catering events:

      • Family reunions
      • Professional meetings
      • Social Gatherings
      • Baby Showers
      • Weddings

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